The beginning of a new community connected by tokens


Start conversations among holders more conveniently based on the assets you hold in your wallet. Anyone can create a channel with PAPYRUS.

  • WEMIX3.0 Mainnet
    WEMIX Wallet
  • Play Chain / Tornado Chain
    PLAY Wallet

PAPYRUS starts with wallet connection

When you connect your wallet, related channels are automatically recommended based on your holdings. Join channels and engage in conversations with fellow holders. Anyone can create and participate in channels with various conditions. Supports WEMIX Wallet, PLAY Wallet, and METAMASK.


Various channels accessible based on the tokens you hold

PAPYRUS offers both official token-specific channels that any holder can join and private channels that are accessible based on your asset holdings. Join a variety of channels to share valuable information with fellow holders who have similar interests. You can also create and manage your private channels.


Enhanced Messenger Features

PAPYRUS supports various communication methods. You can send direct messages to specific holders, use reactions and emojis to reply, and initiate conversations through mentions. You can also share photos and files in real-time.

PAPYRUS has channels of various topics ready for you.

Discover All Channels
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Participate in PAPYRUS Community

Download PAPYRUS

You can obtain tokens or NFTs for PAPYRUS participation through various ways.

  • Official WEMIX Blockchain Game PlatformUse GameFi or Marketplace service to get game tokens or NFTs you want.
  • DAO & NFT Life PlatformGet tokens through DAO activities or get NFTs from the marketplace.
  • Official DeFi Platform of WEMIXGet tokens by using financial services such as Swap, Lend & Borrow.