Receive community tokens that will grant you access to special communities.

Community tokens make it easy to create and participate in various communities within PAPYRUS. Join unique communities that are exclusively available on PAPYRUS and engage in meaningful conversations.

Community Tokens

Game Developer’s Token

Game Developer’s Token

2023.03.20 ~ 2023.03.24 5281 tokens issuedClosed

Game Developer’s Token (GDT) is a community token that allows blockchain game developers and blockchain game transformation experts in the WEMIX ecosystem to communicate with each other. You can check out GDT at various game conferences where WEMADE participates as a partner, including GDC (Game Developers Conference) 2023, Token2049, KBW, and more. If you’re interested in blockchain, get your GDT community token now and meet expert teams on PAPYRUS!

Ari Project Token

Ari Project Token

2023.03.24 2000 tokens issuedClosed

Ari Project is an NFT project that reinterprets beautiful virtual characters with various costumes and effects. The “Ari” in “Arirang” means “beautiful” or “gorgeous,” and its etymology can also be found in modern Korean words like “alittaun.” The “Ari Project Token” is a community token that allows those who own Ari Project NFTs to come together and communicate on PAPYRUS.

NFT Developer’s Token

NFT Developer’s Token

2023.04.12 ~ 2023.04.14 859 tokens issuedClosed

NFT Developer’s Token is a community token that supports communication with NFT developers who wants leverage and consulting on the unique technology provided by NILE, such as NEITH Station and NFTFi If you’re interested in NFTs or want to collaborate with related technologies, get your NDT community token during NFT events where WEMIX participates, like NFT.NYC 2023, and meet expert teams!

About Community Token

  • Why Community Token?

    Community tokens serve as a special pass, allowing you to demonstrate your participation in specific events, your interest in particular fields, or specific projects. With community tokens on PAPYRUS, you can engage in conversations with fellow community members who share the same interests, enhancing the overall experience.

  • What can I do with Community Token?

    Depending on the channels you participate in, you can share a specific project's roadmap, participate in community events, engage with experts in relevant fields, or connect with creators to exchange valuable information. Become a member of the community you're interested in and enjoy the diverse experiences available on PAPYRUS!

  • How can I get Community Token?

    You can find the desired community tokens in the Community Tokens menu. Click the 'Receive Token' button and enter the wallet address where you wish to receive the token. The token will be sent to the provided address within 1 minute. Please note that you can only receive the token in a WEMIX Wallet, PLAY Wallet, or on a WEMIX3.0 network wallet. If you enter an address from a different network, you won't be able to access the token. After receiving the token, you can join the official channels associated with that token and participate in discussions and activities.

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You can easily and quickly manage a community for specific topics like ongoing projects or events. Create a community for your desired topic and gather like-minded people to communicate.

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