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Introducing the core features of PAPYRUS, from signing up with wallet to join group channels, sending DMs to language translation function.


Connect using Wallet

PAPYRUS is a token-based communication platform, and you can easily use the service by connecting your WEMIX Wallet, PLAY Wallet, or METAMASK.


Explore channels you want to participate in

You can receive recommendations for official channels that you can join based on the tokens and NFTs you hold in your wallet connected to PAPYRUS, or you can explore various gated channels independently. Once you select a channel to join, you can enter it immediately without any additional registration process.


Create your own channel

PAPYRUS allows participants to create and manage their own channels. You can define the topic of the channel you wish to operate based on the tokens or NFTs you hold in your wallet and set entry requirements for others who want to join. You can create private channels and invite individuals who own a similar number of tokens or NFTs as you to build a community of individuals with shared interests.


Talk to others

On PAPYRUS, you can chat and interact freely with all holders in a channel. Try pressing and holding someone else's speech bubble to leave a simple emoji reaction or send a message to a specific person by mentioning or replying to them. If you meet someone you get along with, you can send them a direct message (DM) to have a more serious or private conversation.


Transparent disclosure of asset information

PAPYRUS promotes trust between holders in the community by transparently disclosing holders' asset information.


Support various languages and provide translation function

PAPYRUS is a global communication platform that supports up to 11 languages. You can use the translation feature when you press and hold a speech bubble to easily translate any text. Enjoy easy communication with holders from various countries using the translation function.

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